mulberry alexa or balenciaga day?

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  1. pls help me decide which one to buy - mulberry alexa or balenciaga day?
  2. Hi I don't have a balenciaga so can't help you, sorry. Am sure someone asked a similar question not so long ago, hmmm, if you do a little search I'm sure you'll find the thread. Some of the lades that have both bags will be around at some stage to give you some advice I am sure! Happy shopping!
  3. Day and Alexa is very different no? it's like comparing an apple with an orange...if you were to say Bal City/PT/Work or PS1 vs Alexa...then at least there is something there...

    What does your heart tell you?
  4. It really depends on your requirements. Alexa can be carried in multiple ways, but doesn't hold much. The leather is thin and fragile Day is mainly a shoulder bag and fits a lot more. Balenciaga leather is delicious! U have to put your lifestyle and needs into consideration. Good luck!
  5. I agree with what the other say. They are two totally different styles so it really depends on your needs.

    I have 2 of each and love them all individually. The Day is fantastic for slinging on the shoulder and is comfortable with lots in it. The Alexa is also fantastic as it can be handheld or carried messenger style.

    If I had to choose one and one only to keep I think I'd grab one of my Days :smile: