Mulberry Alexa in Boutique vs Net-a-Porter

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  1. Hi I'm a newbie here getting an Alexa in Brown! :yahoo:

    I saw on Net-a-porter its £617 but in shops its £695... can anybody confirm this because its out of stock online so.. Is it a norm for Net-a-porter to set the price cheaper? Thanks!
  2. Hi, welcome to Mulberry house!

    Where are you? On UK NAP site, it is £695 as far as I can see. If you are in US, perhaps UK VAT & US Custom & exchange rate etc may have applied differently?

    Cheaper the better in any case (unless you think you will have to pay custom charges later etc... which only should happen if you are importing by yourself via eBay though)

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  3. Hi ya! Thanks for the input I re-checked it is indeed £695 :smile:

    Do you happen to know how much is the tax claim for this item..?
  4. VAT (sales tax) here is currently 17.5% and is included in the price- it will go up to 20% on 1 Jan so prices will no doubt increase then too
  5. i'm dreading the VAT increase! I won't be getting any mulberries for a while after...