Mulberry Alexa - easy to get into ?

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  1. Hi, I am loving the look of the Alexa.... is it easy to get into ? Are the buckles actually working buckles or are they magnetic closures ?

  2. Magnetic closures on the buckles!

    If you do a search you'll find a great thread reviewing the Alexa =)
  3. the alexa seems reasonably easy to use. Haven't got one though, so maybe someone who has will be better help
  4. All I do is turn the postman lock to get in and out of the bag. Fairly easy to use!
  5. Easy to open, not so easy to close, I'd say. The straps have magnetic poppers, so you can easily open them, but I find them a bit complicated to close on the run. So many times in shops, after paying and replacing my wallet in the bag, I have been standing there for ages, desperately trying to fit the magnetic poppers together on the fiddly straps. That is the part I dislike about my Alexa - the rest, I love!
  6. I am loving this bag also. I know nothing of Mulberry, this would be my first, if I can get my hands on one. Any advice on where to purchase one or just directly from Mulberry themselves? TIA!

    Oh, and one more: Mulberry they hold up well and last a long time? If I splurge on this bag, I will hope to carry it on and off for years to come. :smile:
  7. i love mine i find it really easy to use sometimes the postmans lock opens on me when i carry it by the top handle, but apart from that cant fault it im drooling over the black leopard one.....
  8. I agree with this! At the beginning it took me AGES to close it. Now I'm much quicker, though it's still not the speediest. But you get used to it. Opening it is easy, just twist the postman's lock and pull on the straps.
  9. I actually have trouble opening the magnetic poppers on my Alexa because the magnets are RIDICULOUSLY strong. So strong, in fact, that I use both hands because I don't want to tear the leather by pulling too hard. I have not read about anyone else having this problem, so it may just be the specific bag I ended up with.
  10. I only close Postmans' lock when I'm out & about. I do agree with Graefka, sometimes those kissing magnets just keep finding the other half, so for me opening is more complicated than closing.

    That said, I do love my Alexa(s), I even love those fiddling time as part of enjoying my bags. (Sad, that's me lol)
  11. Thanks everyone for all your useful comments of the Alexa. Will be off now to look for that thread on it.
  12. the thing that annoys me about it is not having any outer pocket- like a small one on the back of the bag- to store things i want to keep handy, like my cell phone or metrocard. i'm thinking of getting some little leather pouch to clip onto the handle, just so i can access those things easily. because it does take a moment to open the magnet closures (they are really strong!), and pull up the flap. and getting it closed again also takes some effort.

    overall i think it is good- i like that the magnets are really strong and sturdy! and this isn't a complaint against the alexa specifically- i just wish all flap bags would have a small accessible pocket on them.