Mulberry Alana - nordstrom rack?

  1. hey gang! ;)

    my latest obsession is the Mulberry Alana bag - the mini Emmy with the one shoulder strap?
    Anyway, I was planning to try one of the Mulberry outlets here in the UK, where they seem to be £299 ($600) but this seems like an awful lot for a bag that wasn't that commercially successful.
    I was looking through PF posts gone by, and I found a post that said that Nordstrom rack shops had/have them for $199 or so?? can this be true?
    I'm looking for a black one, and I just wondered if anyone might remember seeing one anywhere recently and where I might be able to try?
    I have a friend in the US who might receive it for me if i got it mail order, but i just wanted to ask you girls just now in case you knew.

    Here's a link to the Alana in case you don't know what bag it is: