Mulberry Alana (?) bags at Nordstrom Rack for $299

  1. Every time I hit my 'local' (20 min driving) Nordstrom Rack I see a few Mulberry bags at the nice price of $299. This Sunday they were Alana bags (or very similar model, IIRC), two in cognac and one in chocolate.
    Check your NR or call there in Sterling, VA. They do take phone orders.
    Picture is stolen from eBay auction

  2. hey there! i just found your thread when researching mulberry alana bags - i'm desperate to find a black (is that the same as cognac?). just wondered, do Nordstrom rack still have them? I'm in the uk, so just thought i'd ask before i make an int'l phone call!

    $299 is an amazing price!!
  3. I've been there recently but all Mulberry bags were gone. If I see something again I will let you know.