Mulberry Alana 50% off on BG

  1. Thanks for posting! I might have to check this out.
  2. Very cute bag!
  3. Cute-someone grab this one!!!
  4. If anyone is interested in this bag, they had some at Neiman Marcus Last Call in Milpitas, CA in different brown shades 2 days ago... Sorry but I don't remember the prices but they are probably at least 50% off or more. They do charge-sends but only if you use a Neiman Marcus card to pay for the purchase. It is an additional 5% off though if you use the NM card. They do take other credit cards like MC, Visa, etc. if you pay in person at the store.

    Here are some cell phone pics, but when I went back again later they had put even more out! There must've been at least 5 or 6 of the Alanas. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures on my later trip there.
    The bag on the bottom right is not the normal Roxanne but a bigger travel version of it.
  5. ^^ After looking at the Mulberry site I think the ones in the pics are actually the Emmy, which is like a bigger version of the Alana. Sorry, just wasn't that familiar with these styles.
  6. Was that a Ledbury (smaller Bayswater) at the back? The one with the butterfly like inlay?
  7. ^^ Not sure if it was Bayswater or Ledbury sized but I know there was a Butterfly Bayswater in the Rio collection.