Mulberry adventures on Fashion's Night Out

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  1. Hey Mulberry lasses.
    It's a bit later than I would like for a update on this.
    I was lucky enough to be in New York City for Fashion's Night Out. I went to the Madison Avenue store where I met Emma Hill! :smile: She was doing a special appearance on the night and autographed my London Fashion Week Tamara tote freebie, a gift from blogger Bagaholic Boy.

    Emma was lovely - very gracious in the face of my crazy fangirl behaviour, though perhaps a little amused at my squealing in the manner of a 14-year-old girl who has just seen Justin Bieber.

    So, attached are piccies of Emma and myself, the autograph and the Margaret bracelet I bought on the night :biggrin:. The teapot is very cute and I love a good cuff bracelet.

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  2. That must have been so much fun! Lovely bracelet. Did you spot any new favourite bags?
  3. Wow Claire! That sounds like a fab time you had! Lucky girl. xx
  4. Oh what fun, Claire! And the bracelet looks gorgeous on you!
  5. oo cuff is gorgeous and it sounds like you had a fab night out.
  6. Gorgeous colour on the cuff, and seems you had a lovely night!
  7. oh wow you lucky girls :smile:
  8. Lucky you Claire. It sounds great. Did you see any of the new stuff that's coming out?

    I feel a bit sorry for Emma though - she only seems to ever wear those denim shorts - Mulberry mustn't be paying her very well.
  9. looks great!
  10. Looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing and love your bracelet.....must get one soon before they sell out x
  11. Looking very stylish Claire lovely bits to remember the evening by as well.
    Wish I did not live so far away or I would of gone too!
  12. Whow, so lucky. Looks amazing evening!
  13. Looks like fun and love your bracelet.
  14. Thanks for the lovely pictures and congratulations on the lovely bracelet! Xx