Mulberry Accessories - Show Us Yours!!

  1. Beautiful accessories, the pouches are great aren't they !
  2. Charlie - that green bays green keyring is perfect - I soooo want one and a RN pouch!!! Why can I never see these lovely things anywhere!!!
  3. Elvis, they had the green bays keyring and a turquoise coloured one at Bicester a couple of weeks ago x
  4. Thx chloe- the green was was at sm or bicester in the last lost of postings too so Im off to have a look - hope its still there!!! Really love this one- I only have the star signs and two ds but they dont really go with any of my bags!!!
  5. I only have the one! :nuts:
    026.JPG 031.JPG
  6. What a gorgeous ONE to have though hula!! :yahoo:
  7. thanks LMM!
  8. Just out of interest - I purchased a blueberry bays keyring and I noticed that it has a very short chain i.e. one link between the charm and the clasp, and no oval tag just the tiny clochette. I compared it to one of the older colours on the Mulberry website e.g. a white one, and that has more links and the oval tag. Do you think there is a reason for the short length on the new colours?
  9. Old thread but thought I would bump it as I love being nosey at everyones' accessories!! Come on ladies & gents!! :graucho:
  10. My Bayswater Pouch in plum (looks more pinky with the flash) which I picked up in the sales. As you can see it fits nicely in my Alexa.
    SNV30471.JPG SNV30468.JPG
  11. That is really pretty - congrats!! I almost bought one a few months ago .. but stopped myself as I had so many others :lol:
  12. Good idea, LMM!

    No idea what I last posted on here, but here is my latest addition: broken gems pouch!


  13. Gorgeous pouch, KLP :heart:

    How have I never posted to this thread? :push: I've got LOADS of accessories :lol:

    Must dig out some photos later... :nuts:
  14. That's a cute pouch klp - one thing about Mulberry is that their pouches are very handy!! :biggrin:

    Dita - love all your accessories, so looking forward to some photos!! :biggrin:
  15. Thanks Dita and LMM! It sure is lovely and it's all Wulie's fault that I had to have one, and a graphite Antony for that matter - she had both at the Bicester meet and that was all the enabling I needed! :nuts: