Mulberry 60% off!

  1. :jammin: Nordstrom has some killer deals right now. I saw a Roxanne for 479! Try this Nordstrom and ask for Sara 410-296-2111 - a couple of days ago they still had Roxannes and tons of others!
  2. Also at this store (410-296-2111), there is a painted floral Mulberry Roxanne. Retails for $1595. On sale for $639. Luggage color.

    This is the only pic I could find of the bag. The sale color would probably be darker from what I could figure out.

  3. Thank you for sharing great deal !!! :smile:
  4. Chipo, you from Towson? :smile:
  5. Yup, I am in the Towson area. :smile:
  6. chipoman81 - did you get any great deals? - a mulberry?
  7. I was tempted by a Mulberry from Nordstrom, but I got the black tooled bayswater tote from when they did further markdowns. I got a nice deal on that and had been wanting one for so long that I just went with that.

    I'm always thinking about another deal, though. :lol:
  8. It's cute! it looks like it comes from the Alps :tender:
  9. Yes! The Alps ...Lol! I picked up a Black Roxy!
  10. Oooh, where did you find the black roxy??? Now THAT I would be interested in. :graucho: :wtf:
  11. I found it thru my SA at Nordstrom at SCP she did a locator --- BUT, I have seen it also at Saks.
    Have your SA do a locator - try both Nordstrom & Saks. The black is beautiful. I'll let you know if I see it again locally.
    Saks is having another sale I read in another thread that is suppose to start the 13th ..... you'll probably be able to get even more of a discount if your SA can locate one.
  12. ^^ thanks for the info. I was just hearing about olive and lavendar colors on sale, but the black would be amazing.
  13. Saks had all colors - my friend bought the brown Darwin leather.
    Also, they had the multi color one too .......... kind of a woven beige, brown, taupe .... not sure what the name of it was, but it was the Roxy also.
    These sales are killing ME!
  14. which saks??? thanks!
  15. toreilly,
    It was the Saks at SCP (South Coast Plaza), but if they are sold out, just have a SA locate the color you're looking for, and they will ship it to you or you can pick up ...... are you near a Saks?