Mulberry 08 Season

  1. Just been looking on the Mulberry website , looking at the Early 08 season bags and actually theirs nothing there that I really really want .
    Just wondered will they add more bags as the season start`s or is that it for spring-summer 08 .
    They all seem a bit fancy* for me , hope they do bring some more bags in ;)
  2. Tara - totally agree with you!!! The only things that are catching my eye now are the purses (wallets, etc). Thank goodness!!
  3. I agree but I'm sure they'll add more bags to the collection for us to swoon over!
  4. Mmm,all the benchmarks that make Mulberry distinctive bags seem to have almost gone with the new ones.If someone showed me an Agyness and did'nt say it was a Mulberry,I would have thought of Chloe or something.Still its good to have a change.And they will still keep producing the iconic ones for outlets.
    But it would be nice to have some new drools!!!!
  5. The iconic range will always be there - Roxie, Bayswater etc - but they are definitely taking a new approach with the seasonal ranges. I don't think Agyness will be anywhere near the hit that Mabel was as it doesn't shout Mulberry. The Fleet, Oxford et al bombed so perhaps it means that when we think Mulberry we think darwin leather?
    When I was hunting my pink Hanover an SA told me it had been a short run special made specifically for before the summer season. I reckon they'll do more of those specials.
    My bank account is much relieved that there's nothing that takes my fancy in the 08 season. In fact I'm going to clear out my wardrobe and off-load some (non Mulberry) bags.
  6. I love the Mabel and might consider buying one some day.. But no matter how much I love the pale rose colour Mabel in the SS 08 collection, I know that I probably couldn't handle such a light bag... I like the Agyness too, but don't really think it's me... So I wouldn't mind if Mulberry added a few more and as they call the collection "early SS08" one could hope that it is an indication of more to come..?
  7. Definitely think there will be more to come.
  8. Agree that the new season bags seems a bit fancy for me too. Kind of nice and a relief for the stretched VISA card! Don´t count this feeling to last very long, there always temptations popping up everywhere:smile:!
  9. Yep, if it isn't Mulberry, it's something else... There's always something! :lol:
  10. Always! Beutiful MJ bag, matches the dog :tup:!
    (recognise the showercurtain, have got the same one :smile:)
  11. Thank you! (IKEA rocks! :lol: )
  12. I like Ikea but have recentley come across a place called Ilva,its fab!!!:tup:
  13. Chaz

    Sorry That made me laugh - I remember your thread regarding you and IKea and forgotton purse:nuts:
  14. There's a couple there I really like, I could go for the large Soho, but its such a lot of money for such a plain bag, if that makes sense, I also like the Agyness in mushroom, and I'm drawn to the small patent cream Latimer but I can't explain why. :shrugs:
  15. Hahahaha!! Trust you!!Don't seem to have had a forgotten purse incident there yet,give it time!!!! (I put it in the fridge the other day!!!!)

    But I have just remembered last night in Selfs,I saw a snow white Hanover,Roxy,and something else...................................I think it was a new one,can't remember now,but I'm wondering if they do this as yearly seasonal specials,as with pink,aqua and now white etc,etc.