Mui Mui Vitello lux/shopper

  1. went to london last week and bought my 1st Mui Mui
    must say i am very happy with the quality and the price
    I would have liked a prada but just couldn't bring myself to part with that much money
    Does anyone else have the Vitello
  2. OHH post pics and congrats!
  3. will get my husband to upload a pic for me later
  4. pic of new mui mui

  5. Very nice!! Congrats!
  6. she's adorable! congrats!
  7. thanks I am really impressed by the value of mui mui bags I have recently been buying chloe but think I will be looking at mui mui for a while now as the cost of chloe seems to be going up and up
  8. Lovely! It's very similar in shape to my bow satchel which I have carried a lot.
    Miu Miu is great value and the quality is excellent.
    Congrats on your new purchase.
  9. congrats! ;)
  10. ohh isn't that the bow satchel?? is that the new F/W range?? i know they changed the leather but they changed the name too?? how much did you pay for it! it's really cute congrats!
  11. Yes it was the new seasons they had it in a burgandy colour too it was £595 they also had a smaller version in tan I am new to mui mui but i believe it is the bow satchel