mui mui too much like a paddy?

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  1. what do you ladies think??

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  2. Hmm, that big lock business right in the middle front like that does seem Paddy inspired to me. Only that Miu Miu hardward reminds me more of a gate latch than anything designer, hehe;)
  3. yeah...the paddy looks way better. The lock on the Mui Mui looks too much like a real gate lock.
  4. Do you mean Miu Miu the younger and cheaper line by Prada or is it something different?
  5. Yes. I saw that bag and thought of the paddy too, Moe!
  6. looks the same to me!
  7. sorry for the typo i ment miu miu.
  8. Yeah. In a bad way.
    I am sad since Miu Miu can often put out some adorable niche bags.
  9. that 2nd one is a straight rip-off. wth?