Mui Mui Runway Nappa Spring Satchel.

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  1. Here's my newest addition to my collection. I saw her in S.F. Saks, she was calling my name (mommy)! I couldn't resist, I even had it on hold for 24 hrs so, I could THINK about it....well, here she is!:love:
    (38) Mui Mui (Runway) - Nappa Spring Satchel - 950.JPG
  2. VERY VERY nice!!!!! a pic wearing her!
  3. yippy, i love this bag pursemama, congrats on your new moo-moo :yahoo:
  4. Ahh.. this is the bag that I've been lusting over for the longest time ! I seriously visit her every time I go to the mall. Congrats ! :yes:
  5. Very nice bag. I saw this in Saks also and almost went home with it. Your beautiful picture makes me want to reconsider!
  6. I'm 5'2" and a umm...size 16.:Push: Forgive me for the awful pic and the messy storage closet!
    DSCN2897.JPG DSCN2901.JPG
  7. WOW! It looks FAB on you...Congrats!
  8. Pursemama, she looks great on you. Congrats! =)
  9. Congrats!! :heart: Love the bag!! It looks so good on you!! :love:
  10. ladies are too kind!:love: I really HATE showing pics of myself but, I wanted to let you girls get an idea of the size of this bag. I know the bag looks big but, I love that look....kinda reminds me of the bag sizes on Madonna and Jessica.
    0001.jpg madonnaprada.jpg th_51955_jessica_laxairport06_122_430lo.jpg
  11. Pursemama - that bag looks great on you - Love it!!:flowers:
  12. Congratulations--it's GORGEOUS!!!
  13. :drool: :nuts:
  14. yay I just got this bag in tan suede yay !!
  15. Beautiful bag, thanks so much for sharing congrats!
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