Mui Mui Coffer -- any problems with scratched hardware?


Jan 20, 2006
I just received my black coffer from NM. It's a beautiful bag, but the hardware on front was scratched when I received it. Has anyone had a problem with the hardware scratching easily? Unfortunately, I think I'm going to return the bag because of these defects but would like to know if it's a common problem with the bag. Thanks for any feedback!
Funny you should ask? It's not really prominent, but I notice little, tiny, chip like marks where the clasp is. I'm sure it's from all of my attempts at closing it while walking. And the marks don't take away from the beauty of the coffer. You have to really look to notice 'em. But, yes, there are some teensy marks.
Actually, a Coffer that I ordered from NM and returned (too big for me) came with scratched hardware! I was disappointed then for other reasons decided to return it, but it's disturbing that for that amount of money, the metal scratches so easily.
I ended up returning the black coffer to NM and ordering the nutmeg (camel). Just received it today, and it made me realize that the black bag I received had no tags, no protective paper wrapped on handles and was shipped in just a plain box from NM, not the Miu Miu box that the nutbag bag was shipped in. I do believe the black coffer they sent me was a returned / possibly used bag. While I really wanted a new black bag, the nutmeg is gorgeous! Decisions, decisions ...