Muhammad Ali: Boxing legend dies at age of 74

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  1. He truly was extraordinary. RIP great one.
  2. Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee. A one-of-kind exceptional athlete AND human being.
  3. RIP

    Love the Ali/Prince photos. Thanks for posting them.
  4. RIP Muhammad Ali - a great man of principle and courage.

    The video in this article is worth watching imo
  5. Wow. Dh met him once and said he was so nice to everyone on the flight.

    This year seems to be the end of a very important era. I can't remember one when so many absolute icons have left us.

    RIP Mr. Ali.
  6. Yes, he was a bright light and so so charming. I met him once while in Los Angeles. He was so flirty, sweet and complimentary. Obviously still very confident and good with the ladies, even at older age. LOL! Will never forget that encounter. Made me smile, for sure. RIP.
  7. Sweet. Thanks for sharing :smile:

  8. This year has seen a lot of loss in the entertainment world of people who shaped and created their respective crafts. Ali was so much more than a boxer. He's had an incredible career and even more incredible life where he's contributed to significant moments in history. Definitely an inspirational person.
  9. That was one of my first thoughts. Brothers reunited.






  10. I can't believe some of the racist and xenophobic comments I'm seeing here and there about Muhammad. But amid all of that hate, I'm seeing some real gems about this great man. This one I will admit, came as a surprise as it happened so close to where I live and illustrates perfectly that despite all his fame, Muhammad still kept it real and mixed with the common, everyday folk whenever he could. God bless his pure soul.

    "A few days later, Ali stunned the residents of Fitzroy in Melbourne when he turned up unannounced at the Aboriginal Health Service on Gertrude Street.

    'It's one of the greatest moments in the history of the Aboriginal community in Melbourne was the day that Muhammad Ali just got out of the car one day in front of the Aboriginal Health Service, completely unexpected, unannounced, walked in, said, "Hello, everybody," and sat there for three hours just talking to people,' Dr Gary Foley, a veteran Aboriginal activist, told SBS back in 2013.'"
  11. ^ Wow white orchid, I hope you get to relax at parties. I really didn't click on this link to get any kind of political. (But lol) My husband is a conservative white man who is a big fan of Ali, and in that spirit of his enthusiasm I visited this thread.
    I love your anecdote but it is tiring for race politics to be brought up all the time. Perhaps all who dabble in politics can expect to be critiqued. Ali was political, but it did not obscure his humour and warmth. He was a success, he won fans from all genetic and cultural backgrounds and he united people. Big picture is a blow to separatism and therefore a blow to racism! Humour and love for the human race wins!
  12. I didn't mean via this thread. I meant on other social media platforms. Chill yeah?
  13. Gotta love how the media is whitewashing him
  14. Oh and FYI, there's a difference between being critiqued and bringing a person's faith into it. But any excuse eh?