1. The "eyes" have it in this week's collection of booking photos

    AUGUST 17--If it's Friday, it must be time for another end-of-the-week mug shot special. This week we're focusing on recent arrestees who have somehow ended up with a black eye. Not the symbolic kind that comes with the shame and embarrassment of ending up in handcuffs. Instead, we're referring to the traditional black and blue kind. It is unclear how the 20 busted individuals on the following pages ended up battered and bruised.

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  3. Um, I don't feel comfortable posting the pictures of women with black eyes (there's two), because there's no way I can be sure a domestic disturbance was not involved.
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  6. omg, those pics scare me.....

  7. Well, men are hurt in domestic situations too-- although men are statistically the majority of batterers, there are plenty of women who get arrested for assaults as well.

    Just sayin' :yes:
  8. ^^ Yeah, but there's something that really creeps me out about posting pictures of women with bruises.

  9. Oh sure, no doubt... agreed
  10. And I don't mean to minimize the impact of guys being the victims of domestic violence because that's horrible, but you're right - the majority of batterers are men.

    Sometimes the Toronto subway stations post domestic violence awareness posters showing women with bruises. I know the women in the posters are models and the bruises are done with makeup but it looks so real. Now, if I react like that to subway posters, how do you think I'm going to react to pictures of actual bruises?
  11. Me, too. I find violence against any living being scary and uncomfortable.
  12. Yikes..
  13. poor guys got beat up...and then arrested. what a night. then they are going to find themselves posted on some purse forum with comments about them. lol
  14. I also think about potential police brutality. UGH. But geez some of these guys look like road kill! Oh! The things that can happen...