Mug in a Speedy 30


Oct 24, 2016
I am pretty sure I know the answer but am going to ask anyway. I have a speedy B 30 that I use as my going to work bag. Every morning I carry my contigo locakable thermal mug of coffee with me. I was wondering what your thoughts were with putting this in my bag since it fits and it does lock. I have never had it leak so I think it would be okay but am a bit nervous.
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a Fendi bag and a bad attitude
Jul 5, 2007
So this is really about you and not what any of us would do. How upset are you going to be if it leaks in there? Will you beat yourself up or think c'est la vie? Will it make your life tons easier if you could just carry the mug in there? Does the benefit outweigh the potential negative? Are you going to be heartbroken if it smells like coffee or will you just be like, "whatevs, excuse to buy a new bag :yahoo:!"

I throw water bottles in my gym bag all the time. The handsfree benefit is worth the chance of ruining the bag and the items inside. An LV is outside of my price range for that chance.

prof ash

Jun 10, 2007
I have a Speedy 30 not Bandouliere with a purse organizer in it. I put regular water bottles in it pretty often, like a Poland Springs kind, for example, as long as it's snug amongst the other items. I do carry a travel mug of coffee to work but haven't put it in the bag for fear of it spilling, and also to have it in my hand to drink :smile: I say, carry what you want, just knowing that it could spill and if you would be okay with it!
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lvoe nyc

Mar 25, 2013
I have never had the mug that you're talking about leak. I don't put it in my bags though. If you want to, go for it. I'd be worried about my phone and wallet incase it did happen to leak for whatever reason.
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May 16, 2015
I wouldn't do it even if it has never leaked. If that day comes, the bag will never be the same. I would not want the liquid on other things in the bag as well. If you are prepared for a possible leak and would be ok with it, carry on :smile:
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Nov 7, 2014
Vancouver, BC
Over 15 years ago, I used to carry a travel mug in my Club Monaco tote bag. Please don't ask me why I was doing it, don't even remember why. I was pretty careful about it but I think it leaked a couple of times and created a coffee stain in the bag. I wouldn't take such chance with my LV bag.


Apr 7, 2013
Handbags and Shoes Land
Last year, I had put a Camel back water bottle in my Neverfull MM when going to a meeting. Because the Neverfull is large and I didn't have too many items inside, the water bottle fell over to its side....big mistake! I didn't know that there was a slight leak in the bottle, and normally I wouldn't really care, but I had my newly purchased from Paris Sarah wallet in RI vernis inside. It got wet and now the inner flap, the leather part, has a water stain on it. It was incredibly upsetting. Anyways, no more water bottles for me even if they won't leak. I learned my lesson!