I want to get a muffler - even though it's spring but I'm not sure which color to get. I was thinking about the classic Burberry print or maybe Pink/Rosewater.
    Also if you own a Burberry scarf, could you kindly model it. I want to see the lenght and size of it. Some scarfs look horrible on me :push:.
  2. I love the peacock:
  3. I love the classic nova, but instead of the pink you could get:


    I do not own any scarves- I cannot pull them off (yet)
  4. ooh. i like classic nova too.
    im not sure which colour to get and i dont know if i can pull if off yet.
  5. If you dont have the classic nova, get that one.
  6. Here's the muffler (the one in the link) on me and another pic with the happy scarf.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (theyre worn different ways, the muffler is a lot longer than the happy scarf)
  7. ^ u look happy with the pink happy scarf jen..
    maybe that's why it called 'happy scarf'?LOL!
    u make me want one!!bit it's getting hot rite now>.<'
  8. ^ hahhahahaa!!!!!! it was 3 o'clock in the morning and i was deciding what to wear so i asked my friends for option, you should see my expression, it's ugly!!

    ohh san francisco is always cold enough for a scarf! i was just there yesterday (ended up wearing the pink outfit) and it was perfect. hated the rain though!
  9. oooh my.
    your muffler is gorgeous!