Muffin's been at it again....

  1. ...dang cat.


    THIS is what happens when I go away............
  2. Shopmom I swear muffin is your best friend!
  3. :sneaky: :blink: :roflmfao:
  4. Oh muffin, it seems you have a yen for music, too. And a cat of such excellent taste!:yes:
  5. wow! muffin sure has great taste!!! that color is gorgeous!
  6. Love the color!!!!!
  7. Wow, how beautiful!!
  8. Anyone else getting the "muffin mix" ads at the bottom of this thread? Too funny!!!!
  9. Chartreuse and Wedgewood Blue. Who would've thought?!?!?!!?!
  10. As always, Muffin...impeccable taste! (Wanna come live with me for a fortnight??)
  11. Muffin, I'm telling ya', you NEED that Hermes Toudou pet carrier. What color do you want, black or potiron? I'll tell you-know-who to do a charge send. You can manage the telephone touch pad with your paw.
  12. Seriously, Muffin has the best taste! That scarf is gorgeous!
  13. Dear Shopmom....I love your muffin:heart: ....and the Hermes stuff too!:p

  14. Oh please.......don't encourage her......:push:
  15. those are really gorgeous colors. wow.
    that is some cat.