Muffin wants to know.....

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  1. well Buffle Gala wears in an accessory???? :shrugs:

    Before she puts her paw in action..........
  2. DH's wallet is in Buffle Gala and it has a nice patina to it, let me see if I can't borrow it and get a picture of it...he's had it for almost a year now and he is definitely not very careful with it.
  3. Alright, I'm back. And I'm a little mortified to be posting these pictures, and I have to qualify here and say that DH is a very hygiene-oriented, but because I can't resist Muffin, here are pics of Buffle Gala completely uncared for and tossed about and totally dirty. Not a scratch in sight, a nice patina, but as you can see, quite dirty from Lord knows what.

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  4. It wears REALLY well. My Dh has a Buffle Gala wallet in black, and it has worn fabulously. I would put on par (durability-wise) with Fjord, honestly.
  5. Muffin seems to be quite the inquisitive little cat :whistle:
  6. and her paw is quite itchy lately....LOL!!!!

    So, is Buffle Gala is used for Men's accessories mostly? I usually don't see this leather in womens things........
  7. I have a credit card case that I use as a Metrocard holder. I use it everyday. It shows deep scratches, otherwise it's holding up well. Muffin, this leather handles water well. I took a bag out once and got caught in the tail end of a hurricane and got soaked. I let the bag sit out for 2 days and other than a wet dog smell, the bag held up well, with the odor going away after the 2 days.
  8. shopmom my rouge h bearn is apparently that leather (okay so I call it buffalo!) -- and it is super soft and wears very very very well!

    I mean "muffin" - not shopmom!!!
  9. Is Muffin looking for a Buffle Gala cat collar??!!