Muffin Top is UGLY!!!

  1. hello everyone! i'm 20 years old, and i'm 5'6" 128lbs. i have some serious problem w/my lower body! those MUFFIN TOP!!! everytime when i wear low waist jeans. i always have extra fat squeeze out from the side of my waist. my abs are fine, but just those muffin top. they are soo obvious and soo hard to get away! does anyone know any workout that will help me? thanks :biggrin::tup:
  2. Sigh, I'll be the first to say that the only thing that will fix this is not wearing low rider jeans :push:

    I am very similar in size to you (5'5" 125lbs) and I have a nice defined waist and relatively narrow hips and still-- muffin tops. It's just inevitable with the style, IMHO.
  3. That's what Spanx are for ;)
  4. cutting down on carbs and sugar got rid of the small amt I had!LOL!
    I sucks to have it....after I had my appeared and I was like WTH???HEHE....
  5. IMO, if the fat is "squeezing" out, your jeans are probably too small for you around the waist. Either: a) don't wear low rise jeans or b) get a bigger size.

    Muffin tops are gross
  6. I agree with the above that your jeans may be too tight/too small. There are jeans out there that flatter each different body type, you just have to find your's!!
  7. The only way to get rid of muffin top is to do enough cardio or calorie restriction that the fat goes away, but for many body types that is simply impossible without being dangerously thin. Women naturally have some percentage of body fat, and if your weight is in a good range, then dieting and exercising to the point of having no fat at the hips is probably unrealistic. The best solution is either not to wear low-waist jeans or to buy them in a different size.
  8. I hate it! Mine is small but still there.
  9. cardio and reverse crunches & butterfly twisties on a pilates ball help. but i agree with trying a larger size first :smile:
  10. exercise your back and do some cardio t hat should do the job!
  11. I also agree that you should look for jeans in a different size. I consider myself slim, but I've put on pants where I couldn't stop laughing because I looked so terrible... it has to do with how tight they are in the waist, and exactly where they hit you. Maybe you could go to the department store and try on a few different brands in different cuts, and see which ones look most flattering?
  12. Ugh that is where I put the fat on first too! So frustrating. I agree with the others - diet will make the biggest impact, followed by cardio and ab-work. Otherwise, try wearing longer tops as well! :tup:
  13. so you've gotten good advice so far!

    I would just like to second that for some women, they will never go away, no matter how thin you are. I was underweight when I was younger and they were stil there! Anybody out there have the same problem?
  14. Yes! It's frustrating, because I do sports and run a lot, so my legs and arms are very thin/toned, and even my stomach is pretty flat, but right on my hips/lower back is the only place I store fat! MADDENING! I would rather have it all go to a nice booty...
  15. Aww, I don't know what to tell ya. I've got a much worse muffin top than you. I wear jeans with some stretch, and empire waists are our friends! LOL!