Muffin!................Oh, Muffin!

  1. Is there something you'd like to tell us?
  2. Lmao!!!!!!!
  3. Spill it Muffin! What have you been up to now?
  4. What now Muffin? Hope you've been up to something fun!
  5. :sneaky: SM!!! REVEAL, or muffin sleeps with da fishes :whistle:
  6. Hint: it's a VIK (very important kitty) leather/color combo!
  7. Give us more info . . . please!!
  8. Muffin's been a bad, bad kitty......:graucho:

    She's been training Boo-Boo and got a little carried away..............
  9. Bad, bad kitties!!! No way to bring up Boo-Boo.
  10. Please tell!!!!!!
  11. Hint: It's Muffin-sized.
  12. hmmmmmm........ the stuffed horse? or maybe muffin just looks bigger lol
    my bets are for a medor clutch (just cos i love them and want to see another pic of one)
  13. Spill it Muffin! Spill it! ;)
  14. Another hint: it's about the size of a bread box.
  15. Oh dear, what's Muffin been up to lately? The size of a bread-box? Oiy!!!!! Please spill soon!