Muffin has a question before she does the wrong thing.....

  1. Say you are wanting a CASUAL, EVERY DAY Kelly and you live a CASUAL (and I mean cocktail parties, no schmancy dinners out, no opera or ballet opening know. Casual.) life what would you choose. This bag must be all-weather friendly and a light color.

    What leather?
    What color?
    What construction?

    And, you do NOT want any other bag. You want a KELLY.

    Muffin's paw is still itchy and she needs to figure this out quick.........

  2. That Muffin.... she is up to NO good!! :p

    My opinion:

  3. I would suggest a 32cm or 35cm togo leather bag, in-stitch, and in potiron colour (pumpkin orange). Hehe, I have one and I also live a very casual live. This is a very good every day bag for me since togo is unscratchable, and in-stitch has a casual look. Before I purchased potiron, I was also thinking of getting gold Kelly, but I think gold looks more formal, and makes me look older.
  4. this is my potiron. It matches well with brown, orange, pink, green, white, black, silver, gold, beige...I can match this colour with most of my outfit.
  5. Ooooo .... I love it when Muffin is in the mood :graucho:

    S'Mom :heart:


    What leather?

    What color?
    Blue Brighton

    What construction?
    32cm Retourne

    PS: asa has a 32cm BB Clemence Retourne Kelly & it's perfect :tup: for everyday, casual wear! Ask her! :yes: Perfect with denim jeans!!
  6. SM, I'd buy the yummy soft Kelly 32 that CDL has on's sable, clemence, gold h/w retourne.

    If it were gold clemence instead of sable, it would be stuck to my arm right now!

    But gold in a lot of the leathers, SM is pretty dark.
  7. I agree with MrsS on a 32cm Brighton Blue Retourne Kelly. And S'Mom, you wear a lot of denims, this would be perfect.
  8. 28 cm togo, retourne.
  9. Brighton isn't a light color, is it? It's been weeks since I saw brighton, but I was wearing a dark blue shirt at the time and it matched it almost exactly.

    Brighton IS gorgeous, tho......and would certainly go with denim.
  10. MRSS & Queenie You must have ready Muffins mind! BB already has a place waiting for it in the armoire but in a Bolide. :yes:

    ISUS I have been DROOLING over that bag in a major way and the ONLY thing stopping me is the size. I need a 28cm. :sad:
  11. Yeah, SM, I remember.....28 is your size....32 would look great on you tho. 35 looks great on me, yet it's a little large, too.

    I understand:yes:
  12. Togo in chocolate, definitely retourne!! 32 centimeters of heaven.
  13. ISUS Do you think that color bag would look smaller on me than, say black? Because I had the 32cm black Box Kelly and sold it because it just looked too big on me.....I'm wondering if a lighter color would do the same.
  14. *snicker* 28cm gold peau porc sellier Kelly

    Or, if you can't find that 28cm sellier in natural chamonix (hmmm, which may not be so easy to find either).
  15. I agree with boudoir, SM, this is a gorgeous light everyday Kelly! In togo or clemence. Also, natural chamonix would be divine! ^^^^ (But a bit more formal, maybe?)

    I'd love an etoupe softer Kelly for everyday. Dreamy....a lovely neutral.