Muff Flap Bag - anyone have or seen it?

  1. I'm considering this bag... they don't have it in my state, so was wondering if anyone here has it or has seen it. :smile:

  2. Here's another pic... what do you guys think?

  3. I saw this on the Chanel website only. I think it looks cool.
  4. One of those bags I think looks "cool" but I'd never buy.
  5. I saw this bag and even touched it. It was the softest thing ever, like something you'd want to curl up with. It was lusciously soft. I didn't know it was a muff; didn't look at the price though.
  6. I saw it at the Chanel boutique on Madison and the one on 57th. It's not really my taste, but it is unbelievably soft. Whenever I see it I get the urge to go pet it, lol.
  7. i've tried it on at the chanel scp boutique. it was on my fall list but it's too big IMO. i didn't love it when i saw it IRL. i think i'd rather just get the cute matching mufflers!