Mud stain on my new LV bag - HELP!

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  1. #1 Oct 9, 2012
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    Hi guys, I got my speedy 40 multicolore in black almost 2 weeks ago now, and today it toppled over and has 2 small mud stains on one of the handles, i`m going to attach photos but I was wondering how I could get rid of the stain. I`ve tried the tiniest bit of water but that has done nothing and I would never put anything harsh on it as it cost me £1650 ($2613) but I really want to get rid of the stains.

    Can anyone help this damsel in distress please?

    Have just edited this to add the photos


  2. hv u tried using baby wipes?
  3. I'd just use a very clean white pencil eraser - it will come right off. I'm not a fan of putting anything wet on it. The SA's use white erasers for spots all the time.
  4. ITA! Use that white eraser that's sold in craft or art supply stores. Personally, I would never use a baby wipe on leather, although I do use wipes that contain no alcohol on the coated canvas.

    Good luck! I know how upsetting it can be when you get your first sign of wear on your new bags!
  5. agree with the white eraser. work on a small spot and rub gently.