Much Needed Opinions on the Kusama Papillon

  1. I really miss my Papillon on mono canvas. It was so cute but I never used it so I gave it away.
    But now I am in LOVE with the Kusama Papillon in red and white. I can see me adding it to a few ensembles better than any of the other available colors. And it gives me a reason to go shopping to get more outfits to compliment the bag! :P
    One of my worries though is the patina. I am worried that once it patinas I won't love it as much cause the handles would be darker and it wouldn't look well.
    What are your opinions of the bag and what you think about the patina?
  2. I have always loved this style and it looks adorable in the Kusama pattern . I think you should get it. You can always have the vachetta replaced.
  3. :yes: I personally love patina and think a nice honey would look fab with the bag you linked, but if it bothers you, get the vachetta replaced when it gets too dark.

    Now is a great time to get back on the Papillon wagon with the longer handles. If I didn't already have two Papillons I'd have picked up a Kusama one for sure. You should go for it, especially seeing as you're feeling it so much and it's LE; it'd be a pain to find one later on down the track.
  4. Well I for one think it's gourgeous, and if money wasn't an issue I would get the Kusama papillon either in yellow vernis or the yellow canvas one, but red is lovely too (just wouldn't go with my outfits). I absolutely love the shape of the papillon but don't own one :sad: (yet)

    Seems like you would use this one so why not get it before it's gone? And as others here say: vachetta can be replaced!