Much better?

  1. Allegra Versace (Now)


  2. hey she looks just like Donatella. awww

    she looks better now.
  3. she looks so much better, nice to see her getting healthy
  4. A lot better. She looks healthier and younger.
  5. Way better now.
  6. Much healthier looking gosh the other pics are sooo frightening.
  7. She looks so bad in the then pics. Much better now.
  8. She scares me when she's very skinny.
  9. im so happy for her!! she looks beautiful now!
  10. she was very she look much better and prettier like then.
  11. She looks soooo much better. Good for her. She looked terrible before.
  12. Oh my gosh, that girl looks so good!
  13. DEFINITELY better.
  14. She looks much better.
  15. WOW!! what an improvement!! she looks so much better! :tup: