Much better PICS of '04 White City w/silver

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  1. I took my first pictures as soon as I got it and it was a cloudy day. These bags photograph so much better in sunlight that I had to show how pretty she really is. I took her with me to Thanksgiving dinner and she was the star of the dinner. I stuffed her with my sweater, did her tassels *Deana style* and she looks so much prettier now that she is dressed up and has the right lighting.:yes:

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  2. your killing me here Powder, why MUST you tempt me with your lovely white bbag??..

    hehe... ohhh i LOVEEEee white!!
  3. Gorgeous!!!
  4. Drooling!!!!!!!!!!:drool: It doesn't get any prettier then that!!!!!:love:
  5. it's beautiful...makes me want one too =)
  6. After i saw this bag the first time, HAD TO HAVE ONE. That's why i got the weekender!!! Thanks Powderpuff, your bankrupting me with the pics!!LOL:yes:
  7. LOOOOVE it! Awesome pics - the bag looks amazing!!
  8. Thanks girls, isn't she pretty? The first pictures were taken on a very cloudy day and it almost made her look pale green. It is ivory, not as bright white as the newer ones, but still a white. Inside lights and the overcast sky turned her a sickly green. The natural light of the sun shows her true color and leather. There is no wear on the corners, this bad is in very good shape for a white '04. So was the one that Deco just got. Hers is gorgeous and in good shape too. 2 whites with silver in one week on ebay.
    The guy that sold me the fake white with silver has agreed to refund 50%. I think it stinks but it's better than having the fake bag back. :cursing:
  9. :heart: And you said you couldn't take good photos?! The colorful backdrop is perfect for this beauty! And the sunset photos of your Calcaire were beautiful!!! I would love to see a family photo of them, but you probably couldn't fit all your beauties in one picture!
  10. The guy that sold me the fake white with silver has agreed to refund 50%. I think it stinks but it's better than having the fake bag back. :cursing:[/quote]

    That's terrible! Was it through ebay? And if yes, why wouldn't I be surprised that they or paypal can not help you get 100% back!!!!:cursing:
  11. oh... that's soooo pretty... just look at the smooshy leather and love the silver on white!
  12. Great pics powder she really looks lovely!
  13. Thanks girls and Deana, I stole your pose. Now I need to add their jewelry. :P I did a family photo and it turned out not that great. It was hard to fit them in. I think I put it on the Calcaire thread. It was at night with a flash. After I had put them all back in their boxes and back in the closet, I checked the pictures and hated them. I will get them all out again and do them outside next time. Find my Calcaire thread and the family photo is with that.
  14. :drool: :drool: :drool:
    Everytime I think I am satisfied with my bbags, I see something like this and have to add it to my "dream bag" list.
    Congrats to you, lucky girl! :yahoo:
  15. She's so beautiful! :love: