muahaha! Wonder what it is?!?! (I haven't bought coach for 4 months!)

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  1. heehee---

    heehee~~~~~we'll suffer together!!~~~~this is SUCH the waiting game! I wonder wonder WONDER what could ALASKA have bought!?!?!?!?! this mystery will be here tomorrow at noon :yahoo:
  2. well that is evil haha
  3. CLUE!!!!

  4. hmmm... it looks familiar but I can't place it... you better post pics as soon as it comes!
  5. Hey! This is totally evil! At least I posted a clue every few hours...
  6. ^^^I totally agree, this is pure torture! :wacko:
  7. [​IMG]you need this smiley since you like to torture us.
  8. O WOW, thats a crazy smiley right there... but yeah, that says it all... LOL
  9. OMG....I'm so over these threds.:nogood::P
  10. ^^^ITA! :roflmfao:
  11. Alaska you are TOO cruel!!!!!! ;)
  12. lol- ladies~~


  13. will post pics once it gets here in a few hours..... :wlae::yahoo:
  14. Found It!!!!

    Attached Files:

  15. Our lovely moderator should take some disciplinary action! NO PICS, NO POST!

    These threds are funny. . . we're like purse popparazzi, :hysteric:hounding the poster!