1. I loveeeeeeeeee' this birkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone tell me is it more expensive than a regular croc birkin? Is it only available to VIPs?

    Pleazeeeeeeeeeeee, anyone can tell me???????? :sad:
  2. 19 people view this thread but no one post.
  3. dior24

    That is a beautiful bag!

    I think many forum members are in the US, so they are probably fast asleep. Also less people are familiar with exotic leathers, so let's wait for the experts to chime in, I'd love to know the answer too.
  4. it is a "regular" special order two tone croc bag do not know about about price difference between normal and two tone croc though.
    but getting croc is harder these days due to a lack of perfect skins then getting a normal leather one as they save the croc bags for regular customers
  5. Ah!

    lilach to the rescue!:yes:
  6. dior 24,
    you, my dear, are a vip.
  7. Looks like the crocodiles in Austalia are fighting too much.
  8. Hope there's no PETA Members here. :roflmfao:

    PETA: Don't come after me while I was dining like Beyonce.

    Beyonce was shocked out of her life when that incident happened. :angel:
  9. He, he.....It's Steve Irwins fault!!

    Actually, It's winter here at the moment, and so apparently less production of skins (this is what I was told when visiting the croc farm) Also, the farm is in Far North Queensland, and over the tropical season they have had terrible cyclones etc, so perhaps there's gonna be a shortage in skins for a while? (just my guess). But I don't know how long it takes from croc to dye shop to Hermes for cutting and stitching! Maybe years? Maybe months?

    Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know who is in the market for a P.Croc bag (I wish!!) that perhaps $$ will be higher in the near future??

    Oti - get that red croc Kelly while you can!!!!!!!!!:yes: