Mu very first TPF reveal.

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  1. It was an unseasonably warm few days in Melbourne, earlier this week. SPring was in the air. What's a girl to do, but put on some flat shoes and fall in LVoe?

    Who's here?
  2. :popcorn:
  3. Here
  4. I can't believe I spelt My wrong.


    It's a wee one, but OHMY she is gorgeous!
  5. The weather was so nice I though I might take a visit and crossed my fi gets that they had one in stock

    And thankfully I managed to snag the only one they had.
    image-4065649907.jpg image-3463956079.jpg
  6. Let's see!
  7. Show show!!
  8. Just a tease

    Just like she is. Lol
  9. Oh I can't wait to show you any longer. OhEmGee I can't stop playing with the zipper and also smelling it lol. And the LVoely is French!
    image-3950737206.jpg image-3128792365.jpg
  10. I want one!!!!!! Enjoy
  11. lovely little thing! i love it! congrats!
  12. lovely!
  13. Thank you ladies. Every woman needs one in her life!

    Now I am hoping some LEs come out, so I can get my hands on them too!
  14. You need to make this your next purchase. It is divine and surprisingly fits a lot. Although, I have a habit of leaving new things in the box for a couple of weeks before actually allowing them out of the house with me.

  15. pretty!!! congrats! :smile: