MU or Coin?


Makeup or Coin, which do you prefer?

  1. Makeup

  2. Coin

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  1. All right ladies, It's been about 6 months since my last (and only!) B-bag.

    Now I'm debating between getting a Makeup and a Coin. I'd appreciate your input on the pros and cons of each... I've done a lot of forum searching lately and have seen lots of lovely picks of what you ladies keep inside these little b-bags.

    I basically want something that's cute and will aid me in switching bags/finding things in larger bags. And something I could just "grab and go" if I don't want the hassel of carrying a bag. It seems like the coin is a bit too small and the makeup is a bit, too big.

  2. I vote for the make up! It's large enough that you can use as a clutch and small enough to fit in your bbag! So it's just right!
  3. I have my sights on getting a make-up for exactly the same reasons as you have stated above.

    I am completely spent out so I will have to wait.
  4. Makeup

  5. Totally agree!:tup:
  6. make-up~ the perfect size!!!
  7. AwWw.. I was going through the same dilemma earlier this week. I ended up getting both. :shame:. BUT, the MU can be used as a clutch for weddings, parties, larger MU case for traveling, etc. The coin, is small enough to be used as a makeup case if you only carry the essentials, or can be used for business cards, pills, safety pins, bobby clips, etc. My vote is for both.... :graucho: that probably wasn't the answer you were looking for.. but hey.. what the hic~! :wlae:
  8. I say MU too :yes:
  9. I say MU as it holds more and it can be used as clutch
  10. The coin is great for smaller bags, but the make up is truly a more
    versitile piece. If you really want something to grab and go, I think you'll be disappointed in the coin.
  11. MAKE UP!! the mini coin is way too small to schlep around by itself and the MU isn't too big to be annoying. go for the make up, for sure!!
  12. I am going through this exact dilemma myself. I want to just give in and buy both because I'm sure I can find functions for both of them! However, for the reasons you've stated above, it sounds like the MU would be a better choice for you. HTH!
  13. Since you mentioned the grab and go bag, I voted Make up
  14. I don't have a MU yet(coming soon!), but I used my Toilet Case and the CP everyday to organize my bag.

    But if I had to choose one, it'd be the MU due to its size.

  15. ^ITA with Gia -- Make-Up!!