Mu Ha Ha Stuffs!

  1. [​IMG]

    Pink gauffre wallet and green flipflops!LOVES!!!!!!!!!............... CAME TODAY!!!
  2. Thats an adorable wallet! - Love it!
  3. Love the wallet. I want a leather gauffre SOOOO bad.
  4. ^This pink color is SOOOOOOO hot irl!LOL!...i nearly drooled when I saw it!HEHE!
    The flipflops are priced at 95 dollars...SHOCKING!My 11 yr old wants a pair of blue ones!
  5. Love the wallet.
  6. Love them both! Is the pink the same pink as the inside of the black bag?
  7. LOVE the pink wallet!!
  8. Oh! I love love love love that pink gauffre wallet. $95 for the flipflops?! That is an amzing deal! I am going to get one too. :nuts::drool::love:
  9. Cute stuff, good price too.
  10. I am so in love with the pink this season. Have you seen their bags? I want the pink gauffre tote so bad.
  11. Your daughter gets some nice stuff! Can you adopt me??:p
  12. love the pastel colors....:graucho:
  13. Congrats girl!!!! Love the flip flops how many pairs of flip flops do you own woman!?!??!
  14. love ur wallet!!!! congrats!!!!
  15. YES,I have a flipflop problem...ROFL.....At least I admit to my ways!!LMAO!