Mu Ha Ha Ha!new Chloe Shoes!!!!!!in 2 Colors!lol!

  1. Ever find a pair of shoes that r SOOOOOO cute..U have to buy them in TWO colors????
    ROFL..Well i got these with the Saks EGC event(my AWESOME SHOE SA let me buy them one day early!LOL!)They were 540.oo a pair..But TOO CUTE to resist!!!!!Whatcha think?Yes..I live in ballerinas...hehe!
  2. OK..Now my 11 year old is trying to steal these shoes already...ummm...NOT!LOL!
  3. Those are gorgeous!!!! I love ballerinas...Congrats
  4. Very cute...
  5. :yucky:

    LOL just kidding. LOL
  6. ^ROFL!NICE Selena....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Love them!! congrats!
  8. I envy women who can wear flats. They are so cute! Congrats!
  9. Oh no you didn't LOL! very cute shoes girl :wlae:
  10. Oh those are very cute!!!! I love the zipper detail, and both colors are really nice!!!!!

    Are they totally flat on the bottom?
  11. lovely! :smile:
  12. OMG! My daughters would love these. Best i dont show them or they will be the most expensive school shoes ever,lol!
  13. so cute. Wish I could wear flats.

    Congrats Jill, love that you bought 2 pairs :biggrin:
  14. Soo sweet:tup:
    Where can I get these, - are they still available??
  15. The zipper detail is so cute! I love the black!