Mu Ha Ha Ha! I Got Brown Expandable Today!triplets!

  1. Well..Im literally 5 mins away from calling Chanel this AM...waiting for it to open.My Saks SA calls and says GUESS WHAT I GOT IN?
    VOILA...Im wearing her already today..IM IN LOVE.The new expandable IS DIFFERENT..NICER IMHO.It has ONE strap..instead of two..and WAY NICER HARDWARE!Look at pics.u will see the diff between the black and pink expandable from the newer brown one
  2. [​IMG]
  3. GOTTA have a FAMILY shot of my triplets..ROFL~!
  4. Hormonal child of mine refused to take modelin pics for me..LMAO..So here is my best mirror shot for now...hehe
  5. Very nice!
  6. :nuts::drool::drool::heart::nuts::drool:

    absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. oooh lovely
  9. OH! They had the new Black expandable tote in too..Its a cutie bag IRL..But I didnt need another black bag...Gettin it in red!LOL!
  10. Wow, you do have triplets now. LOL

  11. It's gorgeous Jill!
  12. Jill, that bag looks great on you!!!! Your so tiny!!!!!! couldnt wait for the brown tote huh, well the flap looks great and if you love it then it's perfect for you. I like it better than the black one. Tell me did the brown tote you saw look like the black on that has posted with the chains at the top looped thru?
  13. Do you have a preference or do you love the older version as much as the newer one?

    I see new shoes...
  14. So beautiful! I love this bag more and more every day!
  15. LMAO.....I actually like the hardware on the brown bag better....Its really pretty!The rings where the shoulder strap meets the bag are engraved too..VERY NICE.Strap is awesome..wore it out today!!