MTVs The Challenge: Cutthroat

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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    Starts Oct 6th


    Red Team
    Brad Fiorenza~San Diego,
    Brandon Drake Nelson~Meat II, Fresh[URL
    Camila Nakagawa~Challenge, Spring Break
    Chet Cannon~Brooklyn,
    Dunbar Flinn~Sydney
    Mandi Moyer~Meat II,
    Melinda Stolp ~Austin, RW
    Paula Meronek~Key West, RW
    Tori Fiorenza~Viewers' Revenge, RR
    Tyler Duckworth~Key West, RW
    Blue Team
    Derek Chavez~Cancun, RW
    Derrick Kosinski~X-Treme, RR
    Emilee Fitzpatrick~Cancun, RW:
    Emily Schromm~Washington D.C., RW
    Eric Banks~Meat, Fresh
    Jenn Grijalva~Denver, RW
    Johnny Devenanzio~Key West, RW
    Katie Doyle~Quest, RR: The
    Theresa Gonzalez~Meat II, Fresh
    Ty Ruff~Washington D.C., .

    Gray Team
    Abram Boise~South Pacific, RR
    Ayiiia Elizarraras~Cancun, RW
    Cara Maria Sorbello~Meat II, Fresh
    Dan Walsh~Viewers' Revenge, RR
    J.D. Ordoñez~Brooklyn, RW:
    Laurel Stucky~Meat II, Fresh
    Luke Wolfe~Meat II, Fresh
    Sarah Rice~Brooklyn, RW
    Shauvon Torres~Sydney, RW:
    Vinny Foti~Meat II, Fresh
  2. Am I crazy or did I see CT on one of the previews that MTV has up on it's website?? It was just a quick glimpse of someone but it looked like him!

  3. IKD, they don't have him listed on the Cast.
  4. i need pictures to know if i recognize any of these people.... i'm starting to feel old every time one of these comes out! lol
  5. I thought Brad wasn't doing any more challenges :rolleyes:
    No Wes, Kenny or Evan? Weird.
  6. He sure did say that.
  7. CT has probably been banned from challenges lol!
  8. that's a bummer. maybe now brad can FINALLY win one!
  9. I swear I saw him too!!!
  10. I think they showed CT in the preview too. Maybe he comes in and fights everyone prior to the show starting and then has to leave. Oh wait ....

    Or maybe, one of the challenges is fighting CT. That would be interesting.
  11. i'd probably watch cause im a sucker for the challenges but I'm not really liking anyone too much. maybe just brad and derrick
  12. not a fan of anyone on this challenge, but i'll watch to see what kind of crazy stuff they have to do.
  13. Tori, his wife from Road Rules, said he needed to quit doing challenges before they got married and he agreed. lol. They got married in April, I think, so I'm thinking this was filmed before they got married since she is on the cast list, too. SMH. For all her talk that Brad needed a career and less challenges, her butt is back, too.

    Gross. Didn't he say he was going to law school? How does he have time for a challenge?

    I don't recognize 75% of the people in the cast.
  14. Can't wait for it to start!

  15. I missed Tori's name. I think he actually said, he wouldn't do another. But he could be convinced if Tori came along too.