MTV's Silent Library

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  1. Have you seen it?

    A group of six contestants endure this challenges one by one -at random- to win money, but to win they must complete them in absolute silence.

    We were laughing so hard, me almost cried :lolots: It's hilarious!
  2. My son and I are watching it now....its, um, interesting to say the least! What a bunch of 18 year old boys will do for cash is astounding!
  3. I know! :amuse: At first, we were shocked, but then our bellies started hurting from laughing at their willingness to endure such challenges for the money :nuts:
    I specially enjoyed the noogie machine :lolots:
  4. I stumbled upon it a few times when nothing else was on. I'm a little confused. The times I saw everyone was laughing. Isn't part of the challenge to be quiet? I do admit, some of it was pretty funny.
  5. that's what i can't stand! yes, they are supposed to be "silent" hence the title "silent library", so if you aren't silent you lose the challenge. i cannot stand when they are all bursting out laughing and then act all confused when they don't win the challenge. it's like "stfu and you'll win some money!!!!" sorry, had to vent b/c DH watches this show all the time and i can't stand it.
  6. Saw this over the weekend. Me and my daughter watched for a while and thought it was funny. Today I showed my DH and he thought it was soo stupid and wondering wth they were even laughing about. I ithink the point is when you know you're supposed to be quiet that makes you laugh even more. Easy money though if you do it right!
  7. You know sometimes even though they are all laughing they still get the money. :nuts: I don't get it either, lol.
  8. I know! There have been times when I thought for sure they didn't win because they were snickering the whole time and then the guy gives them the money :upsidedown:
    Oh, and that guy, he repeats his messages as if he was reading them off of a fortune cookie: "I'll give you that one. "You forgot the most important rule: Silence! You get nothing!" :P I bet he gets teased over his job :biggrin:
  9. ^^Lol...and how does HE keep from laughing??
  10. LMAO! I know right???! That guys comments are so stupid!! LOL

    My 7 year old loves to watch it, he thinks all the things they do are hilarious!