MTV's Pageant Place

  1. Has anyone watched this show? Well Miss Teen U.S.A. is toting around the Large Gucci Horsebit Chain Hobo [also known as the Jessica Simpson bag] I don't know but to me, it looks FAKE. i might be wrong, but who knows. I was just saying that because her strap is extra long and she had alot of room in between her under arm and bag, i don't know, it just looked kinda off to me. If you haven't seen it, its on the mtv website and you can watch all the shows aired on there. Just click under mtv shows and Pageant Place and you can view all the episodes on there. Tell me what you guys think.:tup:
  2. I am pretty sure it's fake, I remember a scene too with it laying on a bed and the fabric underneath wasn't divided as it should be. I have this bag and the strap was the first thing I noticed. I'm almost positive it's fake. I don't know about her sunglasses. You'd think Donald Trump would get her a real one ASAP (lol)
    I know some other girls in the forum have seen it because it was brought up in a few other threads too.
  3. Other people have metioned the exact same issue in other threads...Do not be deceived by people on TV carrying "designer" bags...I have seen many fakes of different brands for years on reality TV!!!! Just because it's "real" doesn't mean the bags are!!!
  4. hahahaha ^^^^ so TRUE!! i haven't seen the threads on this subject. Geesh, i would be so embarrased to know it's fake and actually be on t.v. with it. Thanks gals, i'll do a search on it! Have a great weekend :heart:

  5. Me too!!
  6. lol, that is hilarious. to be on tv and carry around a fake bag. i'd rather carry a $30 purse from the mall! lol
  7. It is an awful fake at that!
  8. that's kinda embarassing lol
  9. WOW, are you serious!! and I really thought it was real since she was wearing the gucci sunglasses to go along with it. terrible!!
  10. Ugh! :throwup: :yucky:!
    that is one ugly fake! in our city we have a lot and I mean A LOT of the same fakes as the girl on mtv's pageant place! I don't get it, I really don't get it!
    I just wanna go destroy them all with a lightsaber :ninja::death: and form some kind of swat-team! who is with me:boxing:?

  11. I'm with you!!!! Down with the Fakes!:woohoo:
  12. OMG......I thought it was fake too but wasn't sure.....HAH!!!! What a joke!
  13. te he he he he... i wonder how stupid she would feel if she read this thread:wtf:!!!!!!!
    Agree msjenn... would rather a cheap purse than a fake.
  14. OMG!! How embarrassing!!
  15. [​IMG]

    I don't know if you guys saw the boyfriend, too but... yeah (lol)