MTV's "Making Da Band 4" Ladies versus the Fellas...

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  1. Anybody else wasting brain power watching this show? I know I am, sort of addictive.

    Danity Kane and Making the Band winners put in a house, to have their lives taped. See what happens when things start getting real...LOL
  2. I just want to say that the ladies look great and well groomed. I guess since having a platinum selling album, they have been taking their paychecks and looking more...skanky?

    Although I dont understand the hairstyle that Aubrey is going for..It looks like a dried out dirty wig she found in an alley, curled it and plopped it on her head.

    As for the guys, the only one who looks reasonably cute IMO is Will.
  3. Will is mine...back off!!! Lol!!
  4. none of the guys are cute to me.

    I like Aubrey but she seems to be trying to hard to be... cool?
  5. I like Aubrey's personality, but her new look just isn't as cute as she used to be.
  6. Omg, I hate that I love this show so much! It's highly entertaining...

    My fav girl is Aundrea, even though she's very much under the radar since the cameras seem to love Aubrey and her "you're rolling with motherf*cking Danity Kane" self. I haven't seen enough to really differentiate the guys yet.. Though Will is very very hot. :love:
  7. Sorry ladies, take a number cuz Will is mine! I called dibs last season when they were trying out to be in the band! LOL

    Last episode was full of too much drama! What Q did to Donny was NOT funny! Donny should've given a REAL apologize instead a weak one. And Q should've mannned up rather than trying to include everyone else!!!
  8. I love this show too, hahha... I like Aubrey but shes a bit too much of a Queen for me... I love Dawn and Q, theyre adorable :heart:
  9. This season looks interesting.

    I can't stand Aubrey. Her huge ego gets on my nerves!
  10. i will watch until it turns into Real World Umpteenth aka hook up reality tv...then i am exiting stage left...i adore danity kane...the dudes need to work hard in order for me to even consider listening to a single of theirs...they sound really good when diddy made them learn to feel the music
  11. ^ ^^ LOL! I loved it when diddy made them "get nekkid" too!

  12. yeah that "powder fight" in the middle of the night, what was that all about? who started that?
  13. anybody going to be watching the show tonite?
  14. You know sometimes I wonder if the other girls like Aubrey. Hell I don't know if I like her.
    I love Shannon as a red head. Is she still married?
  15. I truly believe they all like her heck they seem to all get a long really well for a bunch of girls....I was also wondering if shan was still married...I believe she is...I want to say that it was mentioned when they were gonna stay with the dudes in the house in MIA...I could be wrong though...and yes she looks awesome as a redhead...really sexy...and it makes her an individual with Aubrey being a blonde...there really doesn't need to be 2...I hated that about the spice girls. No Dwoods is the one that has been a lil off to me this season...can't put my finger on it. There is a nasty rumor that was leaving the group last year but she squashed that quick...but if you noticed in the first episode when they were walking to see diddy, the other four girls were walking locked in arms she was walking ahead...not sure if it was because they could not all fit on the sidewalk but she seems to pull herself away from the pack:shrugs: