MTV's engaged and underage

  1. did anyone watch the premier on monday?

    i saw a trailer for it last week. i was really suprised people would find young marriages interesting enough to watch a whole tv show about it. (but that's probably because i was engaged at 19 and married at 20).

    i'm in the middle of the streaming video on the mom is intense and it's interesting to me that a) they don't have their own place to live and she doesn't have a drivers licsence and b) everyone is being so negative (the brother and the groom's father -- although if someone had offered us 20K to wait until we were 26, heck yeah we would have waited...) gorgeous dress though.

    what did you all think?
  2. I saw some of it today. Didn't they say they met when they were freshmen at college, making them not underage??:?: :huh:
  3. My impression was that they wanted to have sex, but due to a religious prohibition, the only way they felt they could do that was if they had a marriage ceremony first.
  4. brooklyn -- i think they mean underage as in too young to drink. or just young in general. most of the couples in the MTV trailers are 19/19 19/21 etc.

    that's pretty much what i got from it as well. i was hoping they'd stay away from that stereotype at least for the premier (or that they'd approach it differently, and find a young couple that's mature as well as waiting until marriage. they do exist.)....but what's the fun in watching that? :supacool:
  5. ha ha... getting married to have sex.
  6. I was intrigued when I saw the trailer for this and made sure to TiVo it. I thought that I was young when I got married (at 23) but now I see I was not as young as these people. I was trying to figure out if both the bride and the groom had jobs, because she doesn't drive and they live with his parents.
  7. Talking about a mama's boy! Good luck to them, they NEED it!
  8. I wanted to watch, but I missed it. I have no problem with young people getting married *if* they can fully support themselves, it doesn't sound like these two are in that position:push:
  9. Was it just me? With the first couple (that pretty much married just so they can have sex) did the guy seem a little fruity?:confused1: I got all kind of "Hey girlfriend" vibes from him....
  10. lol me and my boyfriend were making the same comments as we watched it....

    and IMO this couple was definitely not ready to get married....i think some people are ready to get married at that age, but they both seemed WAAAY too immature and the girl seemed like of like a spoiled child to me
  11. ^^^OmG I totally agree DC!! he seemed Very fruity!!!