MTV - VMA's 2006!

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  1. Whos watching and whos not!?
  2. My little brother has officially taken over my television. So no award show for me!
  3. I'm watching, but I'm bored. It's not exciting. The big time stars aren't even winning. I got a little excited when JT started singing my favorite song ("My Love"), but he only sang part of the song.
  4. im just tuning in.
  5. elongreach i thought he did a great performance! but ur right none of the big stars are winning. all the newbies are winning
  6. What cha no about dat!!!!!
  7. I love the VMA's,.. I really don't like Ditty,. P Ditty, Sean John, Puffy, Puff daddy, whatever your calling him now-a-days!
  8. So is Beyonce and Rihanna really fighting over JZ? And did I hear correctly, did Beyonce say she was gonna punch/slap someone in the face in that song?,.. :shrugs:
  9. I have actually been waiting all week to watch the VMA's
    this is making my day! LOL

    How come u dont like DIDDY?
  10. T.I.'s performances on these award shows always suck IMO. I love him, but I don't think they know what to do with his performances.
  11. No I don't think so. Rhianna even said on the red carpet tonight that that rumor is all hype. She and Beyonce are friends.
  12. did Jessica Simpson gain weight? she looked very broad shouldered. and i don't like her hair short.
  13. I used to be like that. However this year I didn't even realized it was coming on until yesterday. I'm watching it, but I'm just not into it like years before. The hosts have been sucky the past few years. Even Beyonce's performance didn't get me hyped really. There were a few bits and piece that were great, but otherwise, no.

    Her BET performance was waaaaaay better. It just seems like the ideas that MTV used to have for their performances are gone. Timbaland should have sat his :censor: down. Maybe that's why I didn't love JT's performance completely. Because I love me some JT. That's why I searched for his newest single early. Because it has my two favorite men: JT and TI.:love:
  14. The All American Rejects are sooooo drunk right now....
  15. I agree, but they always react that way with artist from the south :shrugs: did you see when luda and pharell performed, there was no reaction either. I was really disappointed with beyonces' performance, i anticipated something more, her BET performance was much better.