MTV The Hills- yellow b-bag worn by Lo.

  1. Anyone else see Lo from MTV the hills,.... wearing a yellow b-bag this past episode?

    I LOVE the color.

    Wondering if her's is a real one.
  2. I saw it but it was such a quick,quick glance... it looked like a Jaune PT (looked bigger than a city), but I'm guessing they taped that episode before this fall? I was confused about that... maybe Lo is considered celebrity enough to get them early? :shrugs:
  3. yup, I noticed the bag too. Looked too yellow to be jaune? I haven't seen jaune IRL but didn't think it was as bright as her bag. unfortunately didn't get a good enough look to notice if it was authentic or not. Time to watch the reruns! :smile:
  4. The color on the jaune varies quite a bit.. mine is more orangey/caramely but some ladies posted jaunes that look much more yellow-toned.. so when I saw it my first thought was jaune PT

    on second thought, maybe it was marigold (an 04 color).. if that's the case you'd have better luck looking for a jaune thats more yellowish or waiting to see how the 08 yellow turns out (although it looks way brighter)
  5. I was looking at that but decided it wasn't a bbag at all ... hmmm...I'll have to go back and re-watch. It didn't look like Jaune or the old Marigold color to the style didn't look quite like a Balenciaga to me.
  6. Ugh! I just watched it on the web & it's super annoying...all the shots are too blurry and I really can't tell what it is. If it's a bbag then I agree it looks like a Jaune Part Time, but it would have to be a GSH part time because the closeups show silver hardware on the shoulder straps...but then I can't see the GSH when viewing it in the long shots.

    Ok, I just watched one more time and I think she was wearing it with the GSH facing towards her body...because when they are walking into the store I see a couple of flashes of it.
  7. I flipped at first because I thought it was an old school marigold but upon closer inspection I'm pretty sure it was a knockoff. It had some hardware on the side that was off.
  8. I agree that the shoulder strap hardware looks weird...I just can't remember what GH shoulder strap hardware looks like right now...

    Also the handles look too long.
  9. [​IMG]
    i don't think it's a bbag

    pic from tfs
  10. Oh gosh, it's an abomination!! :yucky: Thanks for the photo!

    ETA: is it actually something designer?
  11. THAT CAN"T BE A BBAG RIGHT ??:push:
  12. definitely fake!
  13. Looks like a mixture of 3 different bags...Probably from Target.
  14. I saw that episode also. It looked like a Bbag because of how it had the long shoulder strap and the shorter strap. It's definitely another bag by another designer. I actually like it. I wonder what bag that is.
  15. icky Lo!!!