MTV series. TeenWolf

  1. It would be good for Derek to be humbled a bit. I love him as Alpha and I want him to kick *** but I don't want him to be a jerk.
  2. Exactly! Although I have to admit, jerk or not, I usually end up paying more attention to his face (and body!) then what he is saying, haha! :lol:
  3. Ok so as for who the other lizard person is, a friend of mine said there was an Einstein bumper sticker on the car and that the teacher was quoting Einstein in class. Neither of which I really noticed, she has a better eye than me..
  4. Yes there was...
    Wait...which teacher?
  5. I'm assuming the male one who has been mean to Stiles, but I'll need to rewatch to be sure. Granted all this is just speculation!
  6. The chemistry teacher, Mr. Harris.

    As for people claiming the person had claws, they didn't. I watched that scene again and there are no claws poking through the gloves. I looked really hard and didn't see anything. I think people are just speculating that the person in the car is a lizard-thing.

    Back to Harris ... Do you guys remember in season one how Derek explained his sister discovered two things? One being about that symbol on Allison's necklace and the other being about a family with the last name Harris? The alpha last season had some interactions with the chemistry teacher and it never really went further than that. I think the teacher will definitely come more into play this season especially since revealing that bumper sticker!

    ... BTW ... Three more days until the next episode!!! :smile:
  7. Wow guys that hand touching through the window glass was really tricky! Might have to rewatch that bit... :nuts:

    In any case, somethings really up with that teacher...been waiting since last season for him to turn into a wolf too, there's something creepy about him. I even thought he was the Alpha at first.

    Wow im soo looking forward to next episode ;)
  8. Yeah, I think the teacher is probably going to play a big role this season! He is really creepy to listen to and to look at, lol!
  9. New episode tomorrow night! EEE! Can't wait!
  10. Yaayy me too! Hope Derek fights the Kanima thingy, gives me reason to see him shirtless (i wish!) LoL pretty desperate huh! LOL
  11. I'm sure it's going to be an epic fight! And we haven't seen ANY shirtless Derek this season! He was shirtless 99% of the time last season and now we get nothin'! Come on, Derek, take it off!! :lol:
  12. :woohoo::woohoo: Take it off! Take it off!:biggrin:
  13. New episode tonight! I don't have high hopes for shirtless Derek but it doesn't stop me from wishing for it!
  14. Someone on Twitter asked creator, Jeff Davis the one thing we've all been wondering about ... :lol:
  15. Hahaha! I see we arent alone in being mindless creatures over that idea! :lol: