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  1. Agreed, don't care for either of them. I haven't watched last ep yet but it's on the DVR.

    No, the show cannot lose Derek, I NEED the pretty!
  2. Well it looks like its Jackson!
  3. I bet one of the characters to die will be Allison's dad/grandfather/mother. Possibly Jackson? I don't see how they will let him live after this.

    I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like derik this season. I rooted for him last. I do not think he is attractive either LOL, something about his 5 o'clock shadow he is always sporting.

    Now the next question is who is the other kanima? I still think Peter Hale is alive, and the next 6 episodes will be about who lizard #2 is. I looked at the episode synopsis on Wikipedia, and the season finale is going to be on Lydia's birthday/full moon. It also tells about Allison's mother planning to take down Scott.
  4. I can't get into them either. Erica and Isaac are their names and I'm surprised I remember that because I can't stand them! I feel like they try and act sooo badass when they should just leave it to the alpha!

    I know! If Derek was killed off I don't know what I would do with myself. That would be like killing Damon off of The Vampire Diaries or Dean Winchester off of Supernatural! Not okay! And he is GORGEOUS. My god, it is not fair for an unobtainable man to look like that!

    I'm kind of leaning towards one of Allison's relatives to be a casualty this season as well. It just seems like something the show would do. And while I don't necessarily care for any of her family, it would be a shocking thing to happen.

    And I don't like Derek's personality this season either, but it's kind of fun in a way to see a totally different side to him. In the article I mentioned earlier, it did say that his cockiness and high and mighty attitude will get him into major trouble and that because of this he will become more humble towards the end of the season.

    You mentioned there being a lizard number two ... Has anything on that been mentioned yet on the show? I only know of Jackson right now, but having another kanima would be cool.

    As for you not being attracted to Derek, it's all good ... One less fangirl he has to fight off! And I am totally digging the beard. Mmmm.
  5. Well, looks like there is a Lizard #2....
    And #1 seems to be Jackson after all....
  6. LOL! Maybe its because I live on a military base, and I don't see a lot of beards.

    I know the last two minutes were cut off, that is when Jackson meets lizard #1.
  7. Meaning the guy in the car at the end?
  8. I think so...although i couldnt quite make out if the person inside the car was a "guy" or a "gal"
  9. was it a lizard? I saw one claw - from Jackson - and inside the car, wasn't a glove?

    I love this show. It happens so much stuff each episode. Hope they don't cancel it on us. I would be MAD as hell.

    I don't get why they made Jackson the Lizard. It says he kills killers - right? - so maybe all the people he killed were bad people ...

    It has to be some way to not make Jackson be a bad guy. I mean even Derrek, which is bad, is good.

    Oh, I don't know. My head spins.....

    Wish I had known about this show after 2 seasons or so out on dvd so I could watch it back to back. waiting is hard!
  10. Yep. When Jackson put his hand up to the window, and other lizard had the same features, and then Jackson ran off.
  11. HMMM. I'm gonna have to watch that part again!
  12. Yes, because I was trying not to give out to much detail LOL, in case you wanted to see for your self.
  13. Yep, but the glove had claws coming out of it.
  14. I'm enjoying how they've kicked things up a notch this season! If I had to change anything though I would say that it feels as if they can't make up their minds about what direction they are gonig to take the characters of Derek and Jackson. Are they good guys, bad guys, a little of both? Last year they made Jackson more sympathetic, this year he's so rotten (and uncaring about the boy that was abused) but no wait..he started to get a soft look in the eyes when Lydia gave him back the key. The two new wolves were kids that had it rough but now that they've turned they're evil. I swear a viewer could get whiplash from the personality changes that go on. The only constants seem to be Scott, Stiles and Allison. Oh and the Coach, lol
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    As I mentioned prior, I did read an article with the creator, Jeff Davis about certain aspects of the show this season including Derek. And while he didn't say whether Derek was of the good variety or the bad, he did say that his high and mighty, arrogant and cocky attitude gets him in a load of trouble and by the end of the season he becomes more humbled and surprised by who he turns to for help.

    While I don't care for the major personality change of Derek, I think it's going to play a huge part in the coming episodes and we'll see who he unites with to fend off the enemies. (More Sterek, please!!)

    I also read in that same article (it gave away a decent amount in that little column!) that there is going to be a huge epic fight between Derek and the Kanima ... I can't wait! Bring on the muscles and fangs! :graucho:

    And I freakin' love the Coach. We need more of him, lol!

    This is the part of the interview that mentions Derek:
    How will Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) fare as the new Alpha?

    DAVIS: Derek definitely comes into more confidence. He’s got a bit of swagger. He’s got his new red eyes, and he’s got an agenda of building his pack and building his strength. He’s like a general who knows that he needs to build his army. But, he’s going to stumble, along the way, because he’s not quite ready for it. He’s not quite the leader yet that he thinks he is. It’s all about hubris for Derek, and seeing him make mistakes. He may end the season up somewhat humbled.

    [EDIT] Click here if you have any interest in the article I mentioned! And click here for another one!