MTV series. TeenWolf

  1. Hehe you actually have point there...i think well be finding out who it js next episode :smile:
  2. Me too on the supernatural fix and a major :yes: on yummy Derek Hale!
  3. I love how Stiles and Derek always manage to end up together. It's hilarious between Stiles witty and wry sense of humor with Derek's uptight personality, it just works. They're like the dynamic duo you never would have imagined working! :lol:
  4. Perfect way to describe them!
  5. New episode tonight! I'm ready for my Derek Hale fix! :graucho:
  6. Haha me too!!!
  7. I can't wait, I know MTV is droping clues in every episode. I just hope I'm piecing them together correctly. I really think two major clues have been presented. I just don't know what to make of them.

    1) is Lydias connection to Peter Hale. Specifically when she seen him in the school pointing to his trophy.

    2) the counselor! Something is up with her.

  8. From what I've gathered she's that lizard like thing.
  9. I'm definitely not convinced the kanima (lizard-thing) is Lydia or Jackson. They talk about it too much and drop those names too often for it to be that obvious. Or that's what they WANT us to think and it really is that obvious ... Oh, this show!
  10. Lydia, or the counselor? I don't believe its Lydia, that would be too obvious.
  11. Maybe it's not Lydia...the creature is a Killer... Although that's who i did think it was at first with all the hints they were dropping shallow me hehe
    And i see the teacher guy is still around this season... Whats up with him? Keep expecting him to morph into something too...
  12. I DVR'd the show tonight and even tho it was 1hr + 2 mins the last few seconds got cut off
    And no scenes from the next! Frustrating!
  13. I'm not going to mention anything with spoilers in case not everyone watched tonight, but I wasn't blown away. Also, did anybody notice how shaky the camera work was? It was extremely distracting and annoying!

    E! posted an article stating that Jeff Davis revealed there are going to be two unexpected deaths this season and it's two characters we care about. And one of the character's in trouble is Derek because his cockiness bites him in the ***. They kill Derek and I'm boycotting the show! I'm sure a lot of people would flip if Derek got killed off! Now I'm nervous, lol.
  14. Oh no please not Derek! Cant bear to not see him in all his shirtless glory per episode! :storm:
  15. I don't like the two new werewolves that were introduced earlier this season (curly blonde hair girl & the other blonde haired lacrosse player). I cant get into their characters... Heck, I can't even remember their names!

    What does everyone else think?