MTV series. TeenWolf

  1. Three days, you guys! I'm trying not to think about it ... BUT I CAN'T.
  2. Two days, guys! I'm counting down for everyone, lol.
  3. Dun wanna count down and see the season end. :cry:
  4. Tomorrow, you guys!

    And Jeff Davis tweeted that Derek Hale is not as young as we think and it'll be explained in season three ... So did Jeff just confirm that Derek is in season three?!? *takes deep breaths*
  5. I take it to mean he WILL be in season 3 !!! :yes:
  6. Finale tonight, you guys!

    I have anxiety.
  7. ONE HOUR.

    I need a paper bag! Suddenly I can't breathe!
  8. Haha a paper bag is not aupposed to be given for hypervent anymore - for that youll need a shot of perhaps yould like to order double? :graucho:
    Im so bummed ive been called for a meeting and wont be able to see it till much later :cry:

    Guys, I'll contain myself, I promise.

    Seriously though, call out sick tomorrow if you have to! YOU NEED TO WATCH IT. Now!

    *runs away*
  10. Gaacckk!!! Im so excited !!!!
  11. Ah!!! Best episode ever!
  12. I watched it I watched it I watched it already!!!:woohoo:
  13. WHOO! Will write my recap later!

    I'm still trying to get my heart to stop racing! BYE.
  14. I'm just happy that all of my favorite male characters (even Jackson) survived this season. Phew!
  15. I'm caught up, yay! I have mixed feelings about the past 3 eps, I'm still kinda feeling a strong dislke for Allison, she got really cruel there for a while, is that all going to disappear because she realized her grandfather was evil? I would have liked to have her know that Derek scratched her mother because he was saving Scott from her.

    What is Peter Hale up to?

    Loved Stiles' bad *** game!! Loved that his dad has his job back and that they are still a great father/son pair.

    Odd that Scott's mother hasn't asked more questions about Scott, there should have been a conversation there.

    I've always liked Allison's dad, well mostly, haha. So I was very much pleased that he's come around.

    I really want to see Derek as a bad-*** alpha, is that asking too much? *sigh*

    I was hoping Jackson was gone, I've had enough of him.

    Anyone else?