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    Tonight (Monday June 20th 2011) will be the 3rd episode airing at 10:00 PM. For those of you who don't know what TeenWolf is here is the trailer.

    At first I was like, "You've got to be kidding me! Another werewolf and or vampire series...UGH" but I do have to admit I'm pretty hooked and it gives me something to look forward to on my Monday nights, because we all know Monday's suck!!!

    So who else is watching this? What do you think?
  2. I'm really trying to like this show. Although I was happy with the outcome of last weeks show, the battle choreography was awful. I really hope tonights episode is good.
  3. I'm really liking it so far! It's got kind of scary vibe, which I like.
  4. I saw all the episodes. It's a fun show to watch. I wont be sorry if I miss one or two. I feel I have seen these kind many times before. Lol. some stuff don't make sense, but I don't think that is the purpose of the show. Just good, fun, light entertainment.
  5. LOVE teenwolf. Had to DVR tonight's episode though. For an MTV series it's actually pretty good and holds my attention.
  6. I am continuing to really like this show, but the main actor (Scott) is so awful when it comes to acting upset. Every time he gets pissed and starts yelling, I cringe. He sounds like a petulant little kid throwing a tantrum.
  7. I like it. it's a fun show. boy hope the older werewolf didn't die. I am off high school and he looked more in my age, so it was nice, lol
  8. I just got caught up. I have to say that I have really grown to like it. I really like angry Scott better than angst ridden Scott.

    I've also grown to like Jackson. He's the kid from The Gates, who coincidentally played a Werewolf. His love interest on that show is the girl from the show after Teen Wolf (the nine lives of something). She played a Succubus, which was a really stupid and probably led to the cancellation.
  9. I loved the season finale of this; did anyone else watch? I love Stiles. :winkiss:

    I'm so excited it was renewed for season 2! It turned out to be a really good show.
  10. ^happy as well. yeah stiles is funny as hell ...
  11. I agree...Stiles is great! His character has really evolved nicely.

    I can't help but like Derick Hale. Bad Alpha. I wonder if he was lying to Scott when he told him to become normal again he would have to kill the Alpha. Maybe all along he knew that Scott would become Alpha.
  12. Crap! I forgot the finale aired. Now I know what happens. :sad:

    Anyhow, I'm surprised at this show. It's pretty solid. Although, it def has similarities to Vamp Diaries (but not nearly as good). I think there are a few times where they take the easy way out.
  13. Oh, you know what, that makes sense! Didn't they say Derick's uncle killed Derick's sister b/c she was the alpha? Or maybe I read that on imdb. Either way, it makes sense.

    And yeah, Stiles is great! He's done a nice job with his character. He's so funny.
  14. Also...I think I hate Allison's mom as much as Kate. I thought Kate died. Did the newspaper in the last scene say that she's in jail? I wasn't sure.