MTV I used to be fat

  1. Does anyone watch this? I just seen the first episode. Is that healthy to loose 90lbs in 3-4 months? I think it's great they are changing their lives and living a healthy life.
  2. I just saw my first episode of it last night... the one that featured Marcie. My goodness, she was so annoying.
  3. ^^ I'm watching it now and she is annoying! Lol
  4. Wow i wanted to smack her throught the TV!!! She kept whining and crying! She looked so different at the end though. Hopefully she maintains it.

    And no, i don't think its healthy or safe to lose that much weight so fast!
  5. Loved the first episode with the high school student who had the nagging mom. She was so determined, and she looked great. I loved that they showed her ordering in the restaurant, how she asked questions to figure out what was in her food, and they showed her eating healthy snacks, like fruits.

    The second girl was annoying and whiny. And honestly, 90lbs in one summer is very, very unhealthy. No self-respecting doctor, nutritionist, or trainer would support such a dangerous weight loss in a short period of time. Also, based on a comment the trainer made, the second girl was on some kind of milkshake diet. So unhealthy. She'll gain the weight back in no time flat. There's a reason why doctors suggest 1-2lb weight loss in a week and using a healthy diet to get there.
  6. ^ Yeah, 90 pounds in 90 days is basically a pound per day. I was pretty shocked that she met her weight goal.
  7. Watched Dom's episode last night. He was SO much more of a trooper than the first girl! It was really nice seeing his mom absorb the changes too.
  8. I know it's bad to lose weight quickly like that, but I also think that because all the people on the show are so obese, they burn a lot more doing they'd lose weight faster?
  9. They are super young and not that losing weight is ever easier...but youth helps!
  10. yea i watched the first episode where the mom was so annoying .. ha!