MTB shoes... anybody??

  1. I read about this shoes, and given the fact that I don't have that much time to exercise regularly :sad: , I thought about buying them... but before spending that much money in a pair of sport shoes, I'd like to know whether somebody has them / tried them and what do you think :huh: ...
    Tks in advance!!!

    Here's the link:
  2. I think I have heard of these... but not enough to buy them. Do you use them for running?
  3. if you are just starting out, i'm sure you can just grab a good fitting pair of nike shoes or other popular and dependable brand. once you are for sure dedicated to your workout and it has become a routine, invest and treat yourself to these shoes :smile: cuz ina month or two, a routine would be set and i'm sure u will see such great results that you would wanna keep up the motivation with a new pair of shoes (or heck, A PURSE!) Good luck!
  4. I have heard of these, but I prefer the Nike Frees. I love love love my Nike Frees. They put less stress on my knees and force my whole legs to do the job of walking/running.

    You'll feel muscles you haven't used when you first which to them.
  5. Thanks, ladies!!!

    May3545, I'm not starting up... I'm just trying to begin the good ol' routine that I had before starting travelling so much :nuts: (I guess that I could say I'm starting up because I don't think my condition is what it used to be when I was training 4 days a week :cry: )... and I have like 4 or 5 pair of running shoes :lol: but due to the fact that getting into a "real" routine as before is not possible for the time being, I'm taking every free minute I have to walk / run / swim so I was wondering what was the "deal" with this shoes.
    Perhaps I have to try the Nike Free (tks for the tip, Mewlicious!!)... I just want something that helps me exercise more with the little free time I have...
    I'll keep you posted with my experiences trying the MTB & Nike Free shoes :biggrin:
  6. Forgot to add that since I discovered this forum, the little free time is almost completely consumed talking & obsessing about bags!! LOL
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