MT heart has ripples should I keep it

  1. I received my pomme heart today and it looks like the leather has an orange peel look do it, and a pin point indent, I want the pomme heart so ba, but they are all sold out, I asked the sa before she sent this to me , if it was in good conditon and she said it wasa great and still had the blue p[lastic, ect.. It came with no plastic and the embossing is so light and it has the rippled effect, also looks lighter than my other pomme peices, has this happened to anyone else? Should I keep it and still love it, I adore the charms:love:. I dont know. im sad again
  2. can you post a pic?
    You really shouldn't have to live with it but if you love it so much and can't get another it my be your only option other than return it an pay more on eBay
  3. im gonna try and post pics, im so dissapointed, this was my bf's gift to me for valentines day, lol. IM off to take pics, remind you , my camera sucks!
  4. post pics.... if u dun like it, then exchange it :tup:
  5. I'm sorry sweetie it really does suck I know (the heart not your camera lol) especially as it's a special gift is it 100% that it's sold out?
  6. more pics, cant capture the effect
    pomme.JPG pomme1.JPG pomme3.JPG pomme4.JPG
  7. its hard to see in these pics, my camera doesnt have macro, my bf called it cellulite lol!
    rip2.JPG rip.JPG
  8. it looks different from my other pomme peices, yah. I wanna keep it because I know I will never find it again, I also got the silver case, love that!!
  9. with case!
  10. You shouldn't keep it if you're not completely happy. If you call 866-Vuitton, maybe they can locate another pomme heart, and you can do an exchange.
  11. I normally am pretty lenient about stuff like this, but the surface should be smooth--that's what vernis is all about. RETURN it for sure.
  12. Oh I am sorry that it isn't perfect. If it is going to bother you I would try to get one in another color. Some members have been posting about their stores still having some of the other colors available. Hugs!
  13. can't really see it from your pics thou

    but if it really bothers u, i guess u should let it go

    if u plan to sell off this heart...the next buyer will not purchase cos of the defect...unless u r keeping it...then it should not be a problem i guess

    i am sure people have returned it as it has no plastic

    end of the day, how do u feel about it...
  14. sorry about your heart! Call around and try to find it in another color maybe??

    My SA said that there were not going to be any more shipments as of now, but you never know. Call your SA and ask her to be on the lookout for it.
  15. I might keep it, trust me there are no other Pomme hearts anywhere, if anyone sees one , PLEASE lmk thanks everyone!